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Will & Grace co-creator leaks script page from upcoming revival episode

By Will Stroude

Given that our only plans for the rest of 2017 involve waiting for the Will & Grace revival to premiere, you’ll understand our excitement at being given a first glimpse of one of the brand new episodes coming to NBC this autumn.

Fans have already been treated to a five-minute musical trailer reintroducing Will, Grace, Jack and Karen back into our lives, but now  series co-creator Max Mutchnick has provided some clues about what’s in store for viewers when the sitcom returns to screens following an 11-year absence.

The Emmy Award-winning producer tweeted a picture form the writers’ room last Friday (June 9), showing a draft script page from an upcoming episode entitled ‘The Wedding’, which, by the looks of it, will see Will (Eric McCormack) trying to land himself a wedding date.

Oh, and Karen (Megan Mullally) has a monkey. A friggin monkey! We’re sold already.

Those without a magnifying glass to hand can check out the dialogue in full below:

JACK: I see where this going. You ask me to be your date, you drink too much, I’m disgusted, you feel uncomfortable and end up giving me money at the end of the night. I guess what I’m saying is, I need to borrow a grand. We can talk about it later when you’re plastered.

WILL: Jack, you read my mind. I guess I’ll go with Plan B. No date.


We can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

Meanwhile, show star Debra Messing recently revealed that new episodes of Will & Grace wouldn’t side-step the problematic ending of the show’s original run, which saw the series’ titular characters stop speaking to each other for twenty years after a mammoth falling out.

The 48-year-old actress told The Bill Carter Interview: “All I know is that I was told that they’ve come up with a very creative way of dealing with how the show ended, and that it will be in real time.”

Perhaps the monkey brings everyone back together? All we know is that we’ll out for sure when Will & Grace returns to screens this autumn on NBC.

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