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Website creates videos featuring men being killed for those with darker fetishes

Best Deaths has been a success due to its uniqueness

By Steve Brown

It seems everything can be a fetish for different people these days – from feet to muscle worship.

But for those with more of a darker fetish, there is a website dedicated for people who get their kicks at watching men get killed… That’s right!

Best Deaths – a website set up back in 2005 – allows subscribers to bring their own murder fantasies to life and have the actors (fake) killed in a manner they desire including stabbing, drowning or suffocating.

The site – which costs $500 (£352) – was originally started as a hobby by a couple of friends making DIY horror shorts, which involved them killing one another.

In an interview with Vice, one of the collectives known solely as Victor spoke on the “death performance videos” and said the site has been a success because of its uniqueness.

He said: “I think because there aren’t many sites with this theme, and there are people who look at, maybe not the actual deaths, but more the fetish.

“Maybe they like to see some feet focused videos, belly button, or even method-wise they like to see some guys getting strangled, hanged and whatnot.”

Although users send their fantasies to the site, Victor revealed they’ve had to turn down some scripts after the actors refused to perform the scene.

He said: “I think there have been a couple of scripts that we declined in the past because we knew that the actors wouldn’t go for it.

“I know there are people who like these kind of scenes with kids – that would be something that we would absolutely say no to.

“All of our productions involve guys who are at least 18 years old, and we never force them to do anything.

“We explain the scenes, and if they refuse, or they disagree with something, we make the proper changes to make them feel comfortable.

“But fans already know that, and no one really asks for kids to be involved.”

Despite the videos are predominately homoerotic, the site does have some female users but it’s only a small portion.

Victor said: “Yes, there are female users. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what percentage of the users, but yeah, we have a female fanbase – which is not very large, but they exist.”

Whatever floats your boat really!