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Watch Miley Cyrus’ gender defying performance on NBC’s Maya & Marty

By Umar Sarwar

Miley Cyrus, who identifies as pansexual and gender-fluid, was top and tails on last night’s (June 2) premiere of NBC’s Maya & Marty.

The 23 year-old donned a black-and-white tuxedo, complete with a fancy top hat, to give a stellar rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘I’m Your Man’.

Miley Cyrus gender 3

The gender defying performance burst into a celebration of the feminine as Miley tore off her trousers, revealing a leotard, to belt out Peggy Lee’s ‘I’m A Woman’ alongside show host Maya Rudolph.

Cyrus is no stranger to gender fluidity, having performed with 30 RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni at the MTV Video Music Awards last year.

Miley Cyrus gender 2

In an interview with Out Magazine, she said: “I kind of wanted to be nothing.

“I don’t relate to what people would say defines a girl or a boy, and I think that’s what I had to understand: Being a girl isn’t what I hate, it’s the box that I get put into.”

You can watch the full performance below:

 Words: Andrew Headspeath

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