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Watch: Dame Helen Mirren told off for swearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’

By Will Stroude

Dame Helen Mirren got a slap on the wrist from Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway during Good Morning Brtain today (July 28), after accidentally ‘swearing’ on camera.

The 70 year-old Oscar-winning actress was recounting a story about a camping trip she took with Liam Neeson when she said it “pissed it down non-stop”, prompting a panicked response from the presenters.


“You can’t say those things first thing in the morning!” said Shephard, while Garraway said “You can’t say that, it’s a breakfast [show].”

A shocked-looking Mirren replied, “Oh I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” before thinking better of it and later asking: “Why can’t you say that? It’s not very rude.”

Garraway responded: “Can we have that debate another time, otherwise we’ll get fired. You might be the Queen but you can’t save us.”

“I’ll shut my mouth,” Mirren replied.

Watch the maybe not-so-rude incident below:

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