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Viral ‘Shallow’ singer Charlotte Awberry appears on ‘Ellen’ and delivers another epic performance

All hail pop's new queen.

By Will Stroude

Just a week ago, Charlotte Awbery was singing for her supper at weddings, pubs and bars across London, but after that viral video of her singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ spread far across the globe, the Essex-born performer has landed her first US TV gig on The Ellen Show.

Awbery, whose stunning participation in a ‘Finish the lyrics’ YouTube challenge on the London Underground racked up millions of views in just a matter of days, was invited on to the show by Ellen DeGeneres this week to share her talent with the world.

After delivering another epic performance of the A Star Is Born track on the show, a visibly overwhelmed Awberry sat down with Ellen to discuss how her life has changed over the last seven days.

“I’m so blown away that I’m actually sitting next to you”, she told DeGeneres.  “Honestly, I’m absolutely so overwhelmed by all of this, thank you so much for having me.”

Awberry, who has been working as a professional singer for 15 years, was quizzed by Ellen about the venues she’s used to playing.

“I do weddings, I do pubs, I do bars, restaurants,” Awbery replied, before adding: “My dad’s always said to me ‘Just sing, wherever you are. Never give up.’ He’s right.”

Of course, this being Ellen, the surprises didn’t stop there for Charlotte: She was also gifted a year-long free pass for the London Underground (what else), as well as £10,000.

Check out the new Queen of Pop’s appearance on The Ellen Show below: