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UNHhhh’s Trixie Mattel and Katya read UK drag queens for filth over their ‘zero beauty’

Exclusive: Trixie and Katya are coming for UK drag!

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Attitude

UNHhhh‘s Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova are reading UK drag queens for filth over their “zero beauty”.

Speaking to Attitude recently the pair of RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty offer their takes on UK drag and there are some strong opinions here for sure.

Laughing, Trixie volunteers Katya to take the lead as she is “a little more outspoken about this topic”.

After fixing her wig and collecting herself before she comes for UK drag Katya offers, “say what you want there is zero beauty in the UK,” upon which Trixie chimes in “whatever happened to glamour?”

Recounting her personal experience touring in the UK and from watching the first couple of seasons of Drag Race UK, Katya says, “I think the UK is a talent-based population. This is a big generalisation of course, it’s a huge generalisation. But it’s ‘Woof Woof Kennel CLub Westminster dog show’.”

She qualifies this by adding, “dogs who can flip and kick and act – the talent literally woof woof jumped out, jumped over the banister. As opposed to the can’t do shit but look great on Instagram American girls who are just lovely, gorgeous, filtered, flawless. And then you give them a microphone and it’s like… crickets”. 

Trixie backs up her friend here that UK drag queens are “more skill-based”. Both queens emphasise this is the case with Katya detailing that UK queens can “burn the house down, entertain a crowd, hold the audience, hold a drunken audience,” which they argue US Insta queens can’t do. 

The pair joke that UK queens should do a “lot of night gigs” based on their looks. “And if things get tough,” Trixie jests “you can donate your teeth to a nice scrabble game in need,” as Katya slaps her thighs as she laughs.

“We’re never being allowed back in this country,” Trixie summises. “When we come play f***ing Wembley, we’re going to have UK drag queens like this in the audience,” as she acts grumpily folding her arms. 

“Oh, so you’re a great beauty with talent? Let’s see it, hun,” Katya says. 

Turning to the camera Trixie smiles, “I also want to say, the other difference is in the UK, the drag queens can take light ribbing from American queens and they totally get that it’s just an interview, and it’s just a joke and it’s not personal.”

“Yes,” Katya continues also staring into camera. “The main difference between UK and US drag queens is that UK drag queens have an incredible sense of humour, an unflappable levity, and a wonderful understanding about different perspectives on drag.”

Elsewhere the pair discuss touring the UK and their favourite regional accents. Both attempt Scottish accents to some degree of success. 

The Attitude September/October issue is out now.