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Tyler Posey: I was excited to play a gay character, because I’m really comfortable with my sexuality

The actor is starring as Gabriel in Gregg Araki's new show 'Now Apocalypse'

By Steve Brown

Tyler Posey was ‘excited’ to play a gay character in Now Apocalypse.

The Teen Wolf actor is starring in Gregg Araki’s new sexually fluid show alongside Avan Jogia and, although he portrayed a bisexual character in Jane the Virgin, this marks the first time he has had same-sex sex scenes.

But although the actor identifies as straight, he says the idea that gay actors should only play gay roles and vice versa “never crossed” my mind.

While speaking to AOL, Posey said: “I think everything should be talked about, but I never thought about that because, to me, acting has always been in the purest sense about acting.

“It never crossed my mind. Does that mean that gay people are only limited to play gay roles and can’t play straight roles?

“It puts lines and barriers around what we’re trying to portray on the show of being fluid and open and everyone being accepted.

“I was excited to play a gay character, because I’m really comfortable with my sexuality, and I think it’s cool that somebody could see me on the show and say, ‘Hey, that kid is really comfortable with his sexuality, and he’s going all for it and that can inspire me to love myself.’ 

“I don’t know. I think there are a lot of cool things about it, but I never saw it that way, because I’ve been acting since I was a kid and I think I always just saw acting for what it is.

“I get that it’s a conversation that needs to be brought up, and I think that everything should be talked about. F–k it — bring it up!”

Now Apocalypse is airing on STARZPLAY on Sundays.