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Todrick Hall apologises for publicly blasting ex-boyfriend after he receives death threats

The Broadway star accused his former partner of sleeping with other men while he was "burying dead relatives."

By Will Stroude

Words: Will Stroude

Todrick Hall has issued an apology after publicly blasting his ex-boyfriend on Instagram.

The Broadway star and Drag Race judge, 33, launched a scathing attack on his unnamed former partner on Instagram last week, accusing him of sleeping with other men while he was “burying dead relatives.”

Branding his ex a “manipulative, lying, immature, a**hole” in a series of written posts shared to his Instagram story, Hall pointedly wrote that his future boyfriends “must not come on tour with me, meet other guys, start sleeping with them and give them comp tickets to my show particularly on days when I’m burying dead relatives.”

Hall, who shared the posts wth his 1.2 million Instagram followers, has since returned to the platform to apologise after his ex was sent abusive messages and death threats.

In a video shared on Friday (12 October), he told fans: “I posted some things on my Insta story a couple days ago I should not have posted.

“I was in a situation where someone I loved had betrayed me and lied to me. And while he was not my boyfriend, we were in a sort of relationship. 

“There were betrayals and lines that were crossed. I should have handled those situations behind the scenes. And instead I took to Instagram which was a very immature Regina George-esque approach at life, and…I posted things online not realizing the impact that it would have.

Hall, who is currently appearing as Billy Flynn in the Broadway production of Chicago, continued: “This person has been receiving death threats and people telling him that he should commit suicide… That is not something that is okay.

“I don’t think it is fair for me to act like it is you all’s fault for doing that. It’s my fault for blasting him on my social media. I really apologize, I should have taken the Michelle Obama approach. I took the Cardi B approach.

“I love Cardi B but that was not the time to do that. My mom has taught me better than that.”

He added: “This is not the way I would want my child ever to handle this situation. I will continue working on myself to be a better person for you all.”