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TikToker blasts straight people in gay bars as they have ‘literally everywhere else’

The user was responding to another TikToker who approached five people in a gay bar only to find all were straight.

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Pexels

A Tiktoker in the US has generated over a million video views after hitting out at the presence of straight people in gay bars.

The social media user, whose TikTok handle is elizahhh, made the comments while responding to another TikToker’s complaining over approaching five women at a gay bar only to discover all were straight.

In her video – which has attracted almost 7k comments – the 20-year-old also pointed out the depressing lack of lesbian bars in the US: 21.

“Y’all want a safe space? So do we”

“No, because literally: there used to be 200 lesbian bars in the US,” she said. “Now there are 21. 21 lesbian bars. There are 800 gay bars in the US, which sounds like a lot. I mean, a lot more than 21 sure. But it’s actually not that many.


#stitch with @sophiamastt y’all allies until it stops being convenient for you. #fyp #fy #lgbtq #lesbian #gaybar #gay #lgbt

♬ original sound – eliza🦋

“Straight people have everywhere else, literally everywhere. Everywhere. And we want one safe space for us and then y’all take over?

“I’m not even saying whether or not they should or should not come to gay bars. But if y’all are going to be allies and stand with us until we actually tell you what we want and what’s hurting us then you’re performative and not actually allies. Y’all want a safe space? So do we. And we have none, so…”

Last month, a straight journalist in London caused a stir after writing a glowing review of iconic London LGBTQ bar Admiral Duncan.

Writing for MyLondon, he said: “I was struck by how warm and safe the atmosphere was,” adding: “I fully [expected] to be fleeced out of the standard £6.20 and your kidney pint charge that most London pubs adopt. As you can imagine, I was quite shocked when I found that the cost of my pint was below £5.”

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