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Theatre Preview: Haram Iran

By Fabio Crispim

We’re incredibly excited for the premiere of Jay Deratany’s new theatre production, Haram Iran. Directed by the acclaimed Gene Kirk (The Sum of Us and Closer to Heaven) and, partnered with Amnesty International, Haram Iran is a story based on actual events and deals with love, law and the struggle of two young men.

Two boys, Ayaz and Mahmoud, are both coming of age and are struggling with their identities as Arab Iranians. The two boys who may be gay or were just experimenting, are caught in the heat of the moment and are publicly humiliated and tried in the Iranian legal system.

Haram Iran With Title

The story follows their passion for each other and their dreams. The production takes the audience into their relationship and the horrifying ordeal of the Iranian legal system.

The play premiers April 8th at Above The Stag Theatre.

Tickets available here.