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The Internet guitarist Steve Lacy confirms he’s bisexual – but says he won’t date black guys

By Will Stroude

Rising music star Steve Lacy has confirmed that he is bisexual, but has sparked controversy after revealing that he is not interested in dating black men.

Lacy, who is part of Grammy-nominated US band The Internet and has produced for the likes of Vampire Weekend and Kendrick Lamar, recently discussed his sexuality on Tumblr, revealing he’s open to romantic relationships with men, NewNowNext reports.

Asked by an anonymous user whether he was bisexual or straight, the 19-year-old replied: “I’m human.”

Quizzed as to whether he’d ever date a guy, he added: “Sure, why not?”

However, Lacy soon sparked controversy after being pressed about the type of man he would be open to dating.

After an anonymous user asked him why he had a “blatantly anti-black preference in partners,” Lacy replied: “the reason for it all isn’t anti black…at all. growing up around black males, they were always my competitors ya know?

“I never viewed or saw myself doing anything sexual with my neighbors..i literally, like I said, see them as brothers. as much as you or whoever thinks this sounds like bs, it’s from a real place.

“I’m a n***a from compton, I don’t dislike black people, I prefer to live here and be around poc bc I love black people, I’m just not attracted to black boys. that is it.

“I still love them and want them to do well in life, we just won’t date. sorry”.

The remarks sparked an instant backlash among fans online, with many voicing their disappointment at Lacy’s comments.

“Hate to be the one to say it , but Steve lacy is dumb as hell” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another added: “smh [shaking my head] why did u have to do that??? im really disappointed”.

Lacy, who recently released solo single ‘4Real’ is yet to comment on the backlash.

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