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The Great British Bake Off’s Andrew Smyth is even more talented than we thought

By Josh Lee

This Wednesday (October 26), Andrew Smyth was beaten (pun intended) to the Bake Off finishing line by Candice Brown. But perhaps being a multi talented baker and acting extraordinaire might take the sting out of letting victory slip away.

The Derby Telegraph reported that Andrew is quite the thespian, particularly when it comes to comedy. As he was auditioning for the Great British Bakeoff, he was also in an amateur production of Legally Blonde, in which he played an unpopular law student, a gay lover and a prison inmate. The show’s musical director, Jen Lewis, told the Derby Telegraph:  “He was exceptional. He was one of the stand-out performers in the show. He’s a very gifted comedy actor, yes, but he’s a gifted actor full stop. And he’s very dry with his sense of humour. He’s one of these people who excels in everything he does. You just think: ‘Is there nothing you can’t do, Andrew?'”

“When he’s the gay lover, his character says he’s having an affair with a woman, but ends up coming out of the closet because his real lover is in the courtroom” Ms Lewis said.

“And for his role as an inmate, Andrew had a musical number where he had to skip rope and sing. It wasn’t just a couple of skips over ropes, it was the whole thing and it was a real showstopper.”

Well who knew?!

Photo credit: Belper Musical Theatre