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Swedish ice cream company denies new lolly is ‘penis-like’

By Will Stroude

swedish lolly facebook

Swedish ice cream company GB Glace has denied that its new brand of lolly resembles a penis.

The ‘X-Pop’ has attracted attention because of its rather suggestive shape – but is actually marketed as a ‘rocket’ by GB Glace.

The ice lolly includes a sherbet-filled tip that ‘pops’ in your mouth.

“In several interviews [GB Glace] continue to claim that they have no idea what people are talking about,” Swedish journalist Erik Carlsson told The Daily Dot.

“They just see it as a normal popsicle [ice lolly].”

The Daily Dot also published some customer Facebook comments which Carlsson translated from Swedish into English for them.

“I ate one last week,” wrote one user. “I actually bought it for my daughter, but when I opened it I died of laughter and said to my boyfriend that they have made an ice cream dildo!”

You can see the marketing image of the ‘rocket-shaped’ ice lolly alongside a real-life photo of it below.

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