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Shura celebrates LGBT love in adorable new music video

By Umar Sarwar

Singer-songwriter Shura released a music video for her song What’s It Gonna Be? today, and it’s very, very cute.

The Manchester-born synth-pop star, who identifies as lesbian, is promoting the single ahead of her latest album Nothing’s Real, which is due for release on July 8.

The video pits Shura and her (handsome) gay best friend back to high-school, where they get up to all sorts of kooky shenanigans to win the hearts of their crushes.


“I’m a lesbian,” she said in an interview with MM. “That’s how I identify myself, but I think there’s a massive spectrum for everyone.”

Without giving too much away, the video beautifully expresses the pining we all feel at that young age; and the joy of being young, silly and in love.

Watch the video for What’s It Gonna Be? below.

Shura is no stranger to showing LGBT love, featuring all sorts of kissing in her Touch music video back in 2014.

“There are many different kinds of love. It didn’t really feel like a political statement at the time,” she said, referring to the Touch video.

“When you have a lot of gay friends, you don’t think of that as being different or divisive or weird, that’s just your reality.

“It wasn’t until it went viral that I realised there were some people out there who were surprised or noticed that it was different to the normal video.

“It wasn’t my intention ever to do anything divisive.

“It was literally a group of my friends trying to do something awesome for me because they believed in what I was doing.”

Watch the video for Touch below.

Shura’s latest studio album Nothing’s Real is due for release on July 8.

Words: Andrew Headspeath

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