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Sex and the City never-before-seen alternative opening credits revealed – WATCH

By Will Stroude

We all remember the sight of Sarah Jessica Parker getting splashed by a passing bus while wearing a pink tutu during the opening credits of Sex and the City, but it turns out one of the most iconic TV images of the last two decades could have ended up rather different.

A never-before-seen alternative title sequence for the hit HBO show, which ran for six seasons between 1998-2003 before making two big screen outings in 2008 and 2010, has been published by Entertainment Weekly.

The footage shows Parker’s New York Tomes columnist Carrie Bradshaw in a completely different outfit and the unfortunate watery incident omitted entirely, though the bus bearing Carrie’s face remains.

Instead of the iconic pink tutu, Carrie wears a revealing blue dress, before stumbling in the street while proudly striding towards the advert for her column.

Apparently, the footage was left on the cutting room floor after costume designer Patricia Filed and Parker persuaded series creator Darren Star to go with the pink tutu version – and aren’t we glad they did?

As hard as it was to believe a thirty-something writer would wear something quite so frivolous down the streets of Manhattan, the iconic dress perfectly captured the subversive romantic fairytale-spun-on-its-head vibe that first made SATC such a hit with with audiences around the world.

All we need now is the mythical being that is Sex and the City 3…

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