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Secret Cinema Presents William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’


By Steve Brown

Make the most of the summer heatwave dust off your angel wings and party with Gloria Capulet at this five hour outdoor celebration of music, food, fashion, frivolity and film.

Experience Baz Luhrmann’s 90s reimagining of the Shakespeare classice like never before, from the vibrant party atmosphere to the awe-inspiring detail, it’s the perfect party to continue your pride celebrations.

At Secret Cinema, you become part of the film. You are a character, exploring iconic sets, interacting with the heroes you know and love from the film, and uncovering secret stories and missions as the film comes alive around you.

Join Father Laurence and his choir, cause chaos with the Montague boys, or get into drag and release you inner Mercutio at the Capulet party of the century.

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