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Sarah Michelle Gellar: ‘I’m too old for a Buffy reunion’

By Josh Haggis

Sarah Michelle Gellar has claimed that she is too old for a Buffy The Vampire Slayer reunion.

Buffy – which starred Gellar in the title role – aired for seven seasons between 1997 and 2004 and went on to become a major global phenomenon. The series has since continued in comic form, with season eight and season nine seeing a release so far.


In a new interview, Gellar, 37, has admitted that although the cast get together all of the time, there are currently no plans to come back and film new episodes of the cult series.

“I joke that I’d have to have a walker and my walker would be made of wood, and that would be how I would stake people. At this point, I’m a little old,” the actress told PA. “We have [reunions] all the time, they’re just not televised.”

Gellar went on to argue that fans who are calling for a movie to be made need to remember that it “didn’t work” the first time.

“People forget, Buffy was a failed movie. Buffy didn’t work as a movie, it worked as a long-arc television show where you could follow this journey,” she said.

“We spent all of our first year going, ‘Yes, we know we’re based on a failed movie, but we’re different’. And so it just seems counter-productive to go back. It didn’t work the first time,” she added.

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