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Sam Smith has released a cover of ‘I Feel Love’ and it’s epic

The singer opens up about loving themselves in Attitude's Awards issue - out now

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Sam Smith has dropped an epic cover of Donna Summer’s hit anthem ‘I Feel Love’ and we love it!

The Academy Award winning singer came out as non-binary back in March where they announced they would be using gender-neutral they/them pronouns.

And now, Sam has released an epic cover of the classic 1977 dance tune ‘I Feel Love’ and we cannot stop listening to it.

Check out the new cover below:

In Attitude’s Awards issue – out now to order globally and download to any device – Sam penned an exclusive letter in which they open up about loving the LGBTQ community and themselves.

In the letter, Sam says: “I love my fans very much and I’ve realised that, and I think every artist who has had success realises this, the people who love your work just want you to love your work. Because if you love your work, you can see, feel and hear that.

After confessing that Britney ‘saved’ them and the likes of Fifth Harmony ‘genuinely’ move them, Sam said they are ‘done apologising’ and done with ‘feeling shame’ – something they say the entire queer community struggles with every day.

Sam continues: “And I am done apologising for that. I’m done feeling shame — something I think the entire queer community struggles with every day because we are born in a world that still believes we are aliens. 

“I love our community. For a long time, I didn’t. After my fuck-up at the Oscars and after some cold and abusive experiences in certain gay bars in London at 18, I almost felt hated by the community.

“But now I have realised that it was me who was hating me. We are beautiful. We are survivors.

“And we need to hold each other close and express as much love and kindness to each other as we can. We’ve all been through a lot.”

If you’re feeling in a Donna Summer mood, check out this remix of ‘Bad Girls’ from the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie soundtrack below:

Read Sam’s exclusive letter in Attitude’s Awards issue, out now.

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