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Russell T Davies slams UK government moves to privatise Channel 4

The returning Doctor Who showrunner called the government a “wounded dog”.

By Emily Maskell

Russell T Davies
Russell T Davies (Image: Attitude)

Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: Markus Bidaux

In an impassioned awards speech, Russell T Davies condemned the Tory government and slammed their idea of privatising Channel 4.

Collecting his South Bank Sky Arts Awards for It’s A Sin on Wednesday (13 July) the returning Doctor Who showrunner, used his time on stage to share his disgust at the decisions of the Conservative government.

He called them a “wounded dog” and warning that “the rabies will spread”.

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“While I’ve got this stage, It’s a Sin was made by Channel 4, a public service broadcaster dedicated to making this kind of programme,” Davies said at the podium.

“We know that the government has said that they’re going to sell that off. I know the government’s wounded at the moment, but it’s like a wounded dog; a wounded dog bites everyone. And the rabies will spread.”

He noted that “the things the Tories say they will do, they do,” as he highlighted the very real possibility of Channel 4’s privatisation.

Davies continued: “We’re full of doubt, they’re not. They will do this. It is wrong.”

Turning his attention to the audience that was applauding his remarks, Davies said: “I know I’m speaking to the converted, but there’s money in this room. And if there’s money in the room, that means there’s Tory voters in the room.”

Addressing those particular Conservative voters, Davies pointedly noted: “You are here, and you’re certainly watching at home, so please know that you are voting for murderers, b*stards, abusers, and liars.”

Many applauded Davies’ speech including stand-up comic Susie McCabe who called Davies a “hero” and tweeted: “Russell T. Davies has made programmes that have changed long held views on people like me. This speech might be the most important thing he has ever said”

Additionally, writer and theatremaker Stella Duffy praised the showrunner in a tweet that said Davies has “a glorious way with words.”

With the massive success of It’s A Sin, Davies’ next endeavour is returning to Doctor Who for the show’s 60th anniversary.

Joining the upcoming season is Sex Education‘s Ncuti Gatwa as the iconic DoctorNeil Patrick Harris as the Doctor’s archnemesis, and Heartstopper‘s Yasmin Finney as Rose, the character has recently been confirmed as a trans woman

The Attitude July/August issue is out now.