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Ruby Rose says her same-sex relationship in ‘Batwoman’ will be ‘normalised’

The actress is starring as the titular character in the upcoming new DC TV series

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Ruby Rose said her same-sex relationship in the Batwoman TV series will be ‘normalised’.

The openly gay actress – who identifies as gender-fluid – revealed last year that she was taken on the role of the iconic DC Comic book character – who was introduced in a crossover episode of The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.

Batwoman first appeared in the DC Comics universe as a romantic interest for Batman and since 2006 she has been openly gay when she was reintroduced in the comics as a lesbian of Jewish decent.

And in the recent trailer for the series, we see Batwoman’s alter-ego Kate Kane have a same-sex relationship and Rose says the series will show the relationship as being ‘normalised’.

While speaking to Adweek, praised the series for not over-explaining the relationship and said: “There’s a way that television shows and films often depict any kind of new relationship when it’s a woman and a woman.

“It often has a beginning, middle and end that’s always the same. Like, ‘Oh, my gosh, you’re my best friend and we’re having a slumber party in high school!’

“It’s fine, because that is a way that still represents and still speaks to a legitimate way that people get together in relationships.

“But it also feels like we have to do more explaining than when it’s just a heterosexual couple.

“And that I love, because as much as I love representation in any way, shape or form, I don’t think I’ve seen it normalised as much as this.”