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Perez Hilton just got suspended from Twitter

By Joshua Haigh

Perez Hilton had his Twitter suspended by after reposting an article about the tracklist for Swift’s upcoming album Reputation.

The American blogger uploaded a YouTube video yesterday (November 7) in which he revealed how Taylor Swift and her label got him suspended from Twitter.

In the video, Hilton explained that the timing of his suspension was “mind-boggling” because he had just spoken about how many journalists felt bullied by “the Taylor Swift machine”.

He added that he is now a “victim” of the singer’s wrath before revealing what actually happened.

Perez explained: “Taylor Swift’s fans started posting all over social media an alleged tracklist for her new album. I didn’t know if it was real or not, if it was real who cares it was a photo of a guy’s hand holding the back of a copy of the album.”

Hilton stated he reposted the photo and immediately got a “take-down notice” from Swift’s label, Universal, shortly before his account was suspended.

“The album comes out in two days and you’re suspending me for promoting your album,” he says in the video. “It’s a freaking tracklist.”

He added: “It’s not even a direct image that was uploaded, it was a photo of a photo of a man holding the back of the CD.”

Shortly after Perez was suspended from Twitter, Swift revealed the tracklisting herself.

The 39-year-old said he wasn’t made at Taylor directly, “I just think the people at her label are making some really dumb decisions and I have been the biggest Taylor Swift supporter for a decade.”

Hilton states he’ll still support Swift but is “disappointed” over his suspension. However, Perez Hilton’s Twitter account was brought back several hours after releasing the video.

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