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Noah Galvin’s Real O’Neals show may get cut short by ABC after gay Hollywood rant

By Fabio Crispim

Earlier this month we reported that Real O’Neals actor Noah Galvin gave a brutal interview to New York Magazine where he blasted Eric Stonestreet, Colton Haynes, X-Men director Bryan Singer and Hollywood itself.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC was ‘blindsided’ by the interview and an executive producer of the show, who reportedly worked for four years to get the show on air, is now “begging the network not to take action” by reducing the number of episodes in its next season.


A source told the Hollywood Reporter that Galvin “caused a grade-A sh*t show,” and “ABC screamed at him all afternoon.”

Galvin however issued an apology shortly after the interview was released, saying he was sorry for his “brazen and hurtful comments”.

But Gay Star News reports that ABC were “furious” when Galvin criticised them for waiting until May 12 to renew the sitcom, describing it as an “abusive waiting period.”

Things aren’t looking good for Galvin…

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