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MISTERBNB solve your gay Summer accommodation woes

By Matt Wells


The gay summer season is here with all the international prides, circuit parties and hot beaches (oh, and hot men)…choosing a destination is easy, but finding affordable accommodation can be the tricky part. And if you’re trying to find a place in a hip, gay neighbourhood on a budget, you could be forgiven for giving up before you’ve even tried. Until now! Misterbnb has bridged the gap between gay travellers finding affordable apartments offered by gay (friendly) hosts. The debate between renting a hotel versus an apartment has been a hot topic for some time, and with all the options it can be overwhelming. But if you break it down, chain hotels can be less than glam and then the alternative; the boutique hotel is all glam but expensive which is why many opt for an apartment.


Whether travelling alone or in a group to your next gay destination, misterbnb offers accommodation at all price points. And if you’re a lone traveller, think of it as of way of expanding your social life, and at the very least your host will be able to point you in the right direction of the hottest clubs with the hunkiest guys, where to grab a bite and be seen by the crowd, and where to hit up the trendiest places for shoppilogo-misterbnbng.

Join misterbnb in building the gay travel community, and book your apartment now: