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Milan Christopher slams LGBT allies in the music industry

The rapper took to Twitter to claim that so-called LGBT allies never help out artists

By Steve Brown

Milan Christopher has slammed LGBT allies in the music industry claiming they never help an openly out singer.

The rapper – who recently launched his own range of sex toys moulded from his own assets – took to Twitter this week to vent at the lack of support openly gay artists in the music industry receive from their so-called allies.

He wrote: “Dear Gay Men, y’all do realize that the Female Singers & Rappers that you’ll made famous, continue to support & be so adamantly attacking each other over, HAVE NEVER DID A SONG WITH, SUPPORTED OR HELPED OUT any openly gay artist in the industry.”

The tweet came just before he was honoured with an award from the mayor and the city of Atlanta for his support of the LGBT community.

In another tweet, he wrote: “No Words can describe how it feels to have the Mayor & the City of Atlanta to recognize me & giving me the most influential & impactful black lgbt artist award.

“Getting this award from my own community in front of over 30,000 people & on @Fox News was one of the most amazing exp”

This isn’t the first time the rapper has taken to social media to express his views on the attitudes towards the LGBT community after claiming he wishes he wasn’t gay at the end of August.

He said how he wishes he could be what “society think is normal” in his cryptic tweet.

Milan said: “You know… Sometimes I wish I wasn’t gay. For the people that think it’s a choice.. Like today is one of those days.. i wish I could just be what society think is normal.

“Shit would be so much easier.. Like is there a Fucking pill I can take or surgery I can undergo. Overit!”