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Mel C reveals why she is a proud supporter of the transgender community

The Spice Girl showed solidarity with the trans and non-binary community while at Brighton Pride

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Mel C has opened up about why she is a proud supporter of the transgender community.

During her Brighton Pride performance on August 3, Sporty Spice took to the stage and flew the flag for transgender and non-binary people.

While on stage, she voiced her support of trans rights and said: “Every part of the Pride community is very, very important, so tonight I’m shouting for this we one…

“We all need and we all deserve love.”

Now, in a new interview with Vice, Mel C revealed that she didn’t know the trans and non-binary community had a flag of their own.

She said: “I didn’t even know the trans and non-binary community had a flag.

“It’s this social thing; it’s tradition and it’s gone through families.

“It’s this fear and ignorance… All these things, they all come from fear and just not knowing. Fundamentally, that’s where the problem lies.

“But if you get to know these people, it dissipates because you think, ‘God, they’re just people too.’

“We’re all just people, we all just want the same things. That’s one of the reasons why I feel very lucky.

“Not everybody has the opportunity to really spend time with people in the trans and non-binary community.”

She went on to say why she felt ‘very passionately’ about sending a message of support for the trans community.

“I have friends with children and some of them are questioning whether they’ve been born in the right body,” she continued.

“Young people know immediately. As soon as they’re able to express that, they need support systems put in place that families can go to.”