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Meet ‘RuPawl’, the dog serving killer Drag Race looks

By Ross Semple

Rupaul’s Drag Race just keeps growing in popularity. First it moved from Logo to VH1, then Ru appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and now the fandom seems to have gone beyond humanity into the canine population.

Meet Xóchitl, a three-year-old chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix who is a massive fan of Drag Race. As well as watching the show with their human, Xóchitl rocks some sickening drag looks inspired by the queens on the show under the drag name RuPawl.

From Michelle Visage to Valentina, Xóchitl has shown a versatility of looks that would likely win high praise from the judges on the show.

Xóchitl can even sasahay down the runway like Mama Ru herself.

We don’t think we’re being premature by calling for Xóchitl to be a contestant on season 10. We’ve heard that she’s shady as hell, but her bark is worse than her bite.

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