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Man shares hate-filled texts from ex after she learns he’s bisexual

By Fabio Crispim

A man has shared snapshots of homophobic and hate-filled messages he received from a former fling after he revealed to her that he was bisexual.

The conversation was shared online by Imgur user SBarker with a caption that read: “An old friend of mine messages me after months out of nowhere and refuses to accept I have a boyfriend.”

The exchange starts as any other would, but as the ex-girlfriend comes looking for a hook-up things quickly go south.

SBarker rejects her offer and instead, tells her he’s in a new relationship.

“No way,” she writes.

When he tells her his new partner is a man, she doesn’t believe him, writing, “What? Is this a joke?”

Messages 1

SBarker tells her it isn’t and she writes, “The f*ck? You’re gay”.

SBarker corrects her, telling her he’s bisexual.

This is when it gets ugly.

“If you’re bi then why can’t you come over and cuddle, there’s harm in it” she writes, quickly correcting herself by saying, “There’s no harm in it”.

“You were right the first time, there is harm in it. I have a boyfriend and I’m not really looking to cheat on him” he replies.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t go down too well.

“Wtf you said you were bi! That means you’re attracted to both guys and girls so why is it so difficult for you to come to mine and hook up? It’s not like I’m ugly”.

SBarker argues back and says: “I don’t wanna cheat on him because I actually like him and I didn’t say you were ugly”.

She replies: “Then f*ck me for f*ck sake” before launching into a long rant.

“You can’t seriously tell me that having sex with a guy is more fun than having sex with a girl. What you’re doing isn’t right, I have a p*ssy, he doesn’t. If you like f*cking ass then you can f*ck mine, just don’t be gay it isn’t right?”

She continues: “I honestly don’t believe you’re gay and you’re just saying this. You’re too hot to be gay.”

Messages 2

“You and I are meant to be together! We hooked up once before and it was amazing. I’ll send you a picture of my p*ssy if that’s what you want to see to convince you”.

“I’m hotter than any girl you’ll ever f*ck”, she adds. “I’m a solid 10 and you’d rather f*ck a guy over me?”

SBarker replies and says: “I’m not sure where this homophobia came from but it’s disgusting, you’re 21-years-old act like a mature adult. I’m not ‘just saying this’ a lot of people know I’m with him, I mean for f*ck sake it’s on Facebook for the entire world to see. And me being hot has nothing to do with me being gay.

“You and I are not meant to be together, we haven’t spoken in over 5 months and please don’t send me pictures to try and ‘convince’ me because it won’t. And honestly I would much rather f*ck a guy than f*ck you.”

His ex replies: “I throw myself at you and you say no. I basically begged you to f*ck me and you say NO! You can go f*ck yourself or better yet get f*cked in the ass by your f*g boyfriend.”

Messages 3

“Never seen a gay black person before, it’s not right. I told you that you could f*ck me however you want and you say no? How gay are you?”

SBarker says he’s “50%” gay. “Now stop messaging me,” he adds.

“Why are you doing this to me? I want you to f*ck me right now, you’ve gotten so much hotter since you slimmed down. Just f*ck me. Seriously, you can f*ck me however you want. I haven’t done anything anally so it’ll be tight for you.”

Messages 4

The conversation ends when SBarker asks her stop, she says “F*ck you asshole”.

SBarker’s response?

“Nice catching up with you.”

Seems like she really couldn’t let him go.

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