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‘Made In Chelsea’ star Sam Thompson says he was ‘wrong’ to use anti-gay slurs on Twitter

"I’ve grown-up a lot since 2013."

By Will Stroude

Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson has said he was “wrong” to use hompohic slurs after a series of homophobic tweets recently resurfaced online.

The reality TV star, who recently announced he was leaving Made In Chelsea after six years, said that he had “grown up a lot” since he wrote a series of tweets containing anti-gay language in 2013, The Sun reports.

Tweets posted by the 26-year-old saw him repeatedly brand people “gay” in a derogatory manner.

One, sent to former Made In Chelsea co-star Stevie J read: “Even by your standards that’s pretty gay dude….. X”

In another, he wrote: “Top off, nothing gay.”

In a statement to Sun Online, Thompson said: “I was wrong to use language like that.

“I’ve grown-up a lot since 2013 and would now never be so careless with my choice of words.

“As a society, we’ve also come a long way, and I think we’re now more aware of the power of the words we use.”