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‘Love Is Blind’ probably won’t be including LGBTQ couples any time soon

Our hopes have been dashed.

By Will Stroude

It’s the hit Netflix dating show that everyone’s binge-watching, but those hoping to see LGBTQ couples on a future series of Love Is Blind might be left disappointed.

For the uninitiated, the 10-part reality series sees singles go on a series of ‘blind’ dates behind a screen where they can hear, but not see, their potential suitors.

If contestants believe they’ve met the love of their life, they can propose and meet face-to-face, before putting their relationship to the test in the real world ahead of their wedding day, where they’ll decided whether or not to say ‘I do’ for good.

It’s an addictive premise that’s attracted viewers in their droves, but despite the inclusion of an LGBTQ contestant on series one – for more on how that turned out, click here – it looks like we can expect future series of Love Is Blind to continue focusing on mixed-sex couples only.

Speaking to Metro, showrunner Chris Coelen threw cold water on the idea of an LGBTQ series, saying “logistical difficulties” would likely prevent it from happening.

“This is not a show that is particularly about sexuality” he said. “But with that said… I do think that, based on the setup of it, a LGBTQ+ version of that has some logistical difficulties in the current setup.

“But do I think there is some sort of variation that might ultimately work? Potentially!

“I would love to figure that out.”

There’s better news for those hoping for a UK edition of Love Is Blind, however, with Coelen saying he’s “absolutely” game for a British instalment.

“100 percent yet. Let’s make it happen”, he said when asked whether the series – which is fronted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey – could cross the Atlantic.

“I’d love it.”

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix now.