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Life in Love documentary-drama explores young love in 2022

The feel-good series is directed by British filmmaker, Abel Rubinstein.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Provided

What does modern love look like in 2022? That’s the question at the heart of a new documentary-drama series exploring real couples, real life, and real intimacy.

Life in Love is a feel-good three-part structured documentary series that gives viewers an intimate and honest look at young love.

Through second dates and mind-expanding sex, frank conversations, and clubbing, each episode seeks to understand what Gen Z wants and needs from love with each of the three couples revealing intimate and tender details of their lives.

24-year-old director, Abel Rubenstein, says of the series, “Gen Z’s sex lives are sensationalised, turned into fantastical, scandalous dramas on television. What hasn’t happened, is anyone taking the opportunity to talk to us about what our love and relationships really mean.”

He continues, “With Life In Love we lean into the beautiful and the poetic, focusing on uplifting character-driven storytelling to showcase the positive sides of sex and relationships.

“The advice I’ve always been given is to make what you want to watch. So this collection of love stories is filled with real tales of sex work, kink dungeons, abandoned houses, and, underneath the bravado, an unfiltered portrayal of young love.”

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, the Creative Director in charge of video at Large, Woo, comments, “It’s no longer a case of finding the right partner, settling down, and starting a family. We’re talking about a generation who love to bend and question and rip up the rule book of sexuality entirely – we wanted to explore that through the lens of intimacy.”

Episode breakdown

Episode 1 | Life in Love: Nick & Kaiden

The honeymoon stage is pure euphoria. Meet new couple Nick (they/them) and Kaiden (he/him) as they navigate an unconventional work life and the politics of London’s queer community. Can a relationship built on sex & lust turn into 2022’s sweetest love story?

Episode 2 | Life in Love: Cinthia & Robyn

Is it true that opposites attract? Can an extrovert and introvert find a happy balance? How do you find intimacy when one partner is asexual and the other isn’t? Cinthia (they/she) & Robyn (they/them) get real about their relationship to unpack the stereotypes and misconceptions around asexuality and desire. Revealing closeness and connection don’t always stop and start with the physical.

Episode 3 | Life in Love: Layla & Wolf

Love in the time of BDSM sex dungeons… During their six-month relationship Wolf (he/they) has introduced Layla (she/her) to the world of fetish, supported her creative talents, and helped grow her confidence. She’s ready to say that first, ‘I love you’, if she can muster the courage. A romantic dungeon date could provide the perfect opportunity.

The film will premiere exclusively on OnlyFans on Wednesday 22 June before being available to stream via