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Lady Gaga should probably answer this phone call immediately

By Shaun Kitchener

FAO Lady Gaga: if Cher’s calling you, you should probably answer it immediately.

None of this faffing about taking pictures of it.


Also, what did she take the photo on if not her phone? Did she have an iPad or another camera handy at just that  right moment? Or is that not even her phone that Cher is ringing? We may never know.

In any case, let’s hope she picked it up quickly before the queen on the other end gave up.


Gaga is known to be working on a fourth pop album, so here’s hoping the ladies were discussing some kind of collaboration.

The Poker Face hitmaker has been busy working on the follow-up to 2013’s ARTPOP after taking a detour with a jazz project alongside Tony Bennett.

She’s thought to have been back making hits with RedOne, who helmed much of her earliest smashes.