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Lady Gaga hits 30: the stars best moments

By Fabio Crispim

Today is Lady Gaga’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than to relive the 30-year-old star’s best moments?

Gaga released The Fame back in 2008 and she rose to fame with singles, Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi and LoveGame. The music videos were crazy, eccentric and Gaga brought something no one else could onto the scene. Her theatrical performances were praised and the Paparazzi 2009 VMA performance shocked the audience as her dress took a life of its own and started to bleed.

The star won numerous awards for her work on The Fame and back in October 2009 Gaga released The Fame Monster, an add-on to her debut album and things got crazier from there.

The star donned lobster and telephone head pieces, dressed as a provocative nun and made sure she wasn’t forgotten. Bad Romance, Telephone and Alejandro became stellar hits and The Fame Monster slayed. Gaga’s award winning tour, The Monster Ball Tour became the highest-grossing tour in history.

Gaga Lobster

The Wizard of Oz inspired show included the star struggling against a giant angler fish, killing it with a pyro-bra and matching underwear and survives vampires attacking her and her dancers as she makes her way to “the best party ever.”

Two years later, in May 2011, Born This Way was released. The album received multiple awards and singles, Born This Way, Judas, Edge of Glory and You And I gained positive reception. The horns were glued to her head and the announcement of Born This Way came during the 2010 VMA’s where Gaga took to wearing a meat dress, to protest the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Gaga released a video to help repel the policy.

During the Born This Way Ball Tour, featuring a giant rotating castle and an alien fugitive storyline, Gaga broke her hip was forced to cancel the rest of her tour. Once better, Gaga was ready to release ARTPOP.

An EDM inspired album with hits Do What U Want, G.U.Y and Applause. The singer proved that even a broken hip couldn’t stop her.

Soon after the ARTPOP era ended Gaga worked alongside Tony Bennet and the pair released a collaborative jazz album filled with covers entitled, Cheek To Cheek. Gaga’s wigs became curlier and wilder with each passing day, she looked elegant and glamourous.

Since then Gaga has performed a David Bowie tribute with Intel, sang the American National Anthem at the Superbowl, taken part in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and won a Golden Globe for her performance, released a new single entitled Till It Happens To You written to support the victims of rape and, alongside it, Gaga performed a stunning tribute to all rape victims at the Oscars earlier this year.

Gaga has announced she’ll release a new album this year and states that she wants “to explode” as she goes into her 30s.

We can’t wait for LG5.

Happy birthday Gaga.