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Kesha officiates at a second gay wedding

By Will Stroude

Kesha is making sure her decision to get ordained doesn’t got to waste, after officiating at a friend’s same-sex wedding for a second time.

The Tik Tok singer presided over the wedding of her make-up artist Vito Masecchia and his husband, Felipe Noqueira, before sharing a photo of the ceremony on Instagram yesterday (September 9), with the caption “all you need is love”.

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Vito and Felipe have also shared snaps of the candlelit, nighttime nuptials on their own pages, and beautiful it looked too. Congratulations guys – we’re not at all jealous of your A-list minister…


Kesha originally got ordained to officiate at the wedding of two female friends back in 2012 and has long been an outspoken supporter of LGBT equality.

“I can’t understand why any person or any law would stand in between that kind of love,” the 28-year-old said at the time.

Considering Timber is pretty much a dead cert for our own reception playlist, we’re just wondering if she does bookings now.


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