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Justin Bieber’s used underwear to be displayed in a museum

The exhibition opened in the pop idol's Canadian hometown last weekend.

By Fabio Crispim

Justin Bieber is about to get his very own museum. 

A new exhibition entitled Justin Bieber Exhibit – Steps to Stardom opened yesterday (February 18) in Bieber’s Canadian home town of Stratford, Ontario, and features over 60 of the singer’s personal belongings. 

The exhibit presents a large number of personal items and memorabilia that were provided by Bieber and his relatives including running shoes, musical instruments, surfboards and a jacket from Bieber’s hometown team.

Strangely enough, the exhibit also features a pair of Ellen underwear which the ‘Sorry’ singer got to take home after appearing on The Ellen Show back in 2011.

Yes, you can literally pay money to look at a pair of used underwear. Honestly, 2018 is wild. 

Museum curator John Krastner has revealed that the small Canadian museum has been getting emails and calls from crazed fans all around the world following the opening of their latest exhibit. 

Those visiting Stratford can also also take a tour of the singer’s former high school Northwestern, as well as the Avon theatre where he reportedly caught his big break filming himself husking. 

We’ll stick to the Natural History museum, but cheers.