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Joe Jonas talks beefing up and getting sent nudes by his gay fans

By Will Stroude

Just when we thought Nick would be the chief Jonas dreamboat, older brother Joe came out of nowhere, leapfrogging straight over poor little bro and straight into our hearts.

The teenage Christian crooner-turned-S&M-DNCE singer has certainly come into his own in recent years, with a new band, sound, and beefy bod. With purity ring well and truly in the bin and a new legion of gay admirers, Joe sat down with Pride Source to talk about his newest, thirstiest fan base.

Admitting that his new physique has earned him attention from gay men, Joe said that he took his new found sex-symbol status as a “compliment.” But the DNCE singer was quick to add that the band’s music and appearances at Pride festivals has also been a factor.

“We love that [gay fans] are so supportive he said,” adding that if his new figure “makes them happy, it’s all good.”

The 27-year-old then went on to reveal that keener male admirers have even taken to sending private messages of, well, you can probably guess what of. While some of the messages are innocent selfies, Joe explained that “sometimes there are crazy ones, and it’s just straight nudity.”

“It’s all over the map, from selfies to you-know-what, Joe joked. “It’s funny, too, because you can’t really tell what people are sending because everything now is blurred out, and I like to read some of the DMs and hear stories.

“You have to just find something good in it – or laugh, depending on what it is.”

Of course with and LGBT fanbase comes gay rumours, but Joe isn’t bothered by the whispers. Putting the rumours down to being “in touch with [his] feminine side,” he insists that he takes press questions about his sexuality as “a compliment.”

“The gay community is something that is close to my heart, so I don’t mind. Hey, if they wanna think I’m gay, it’s fun,” he added.

Read the full interview here.

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