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Jeffrey Tambor on Transparent: ‘Lives are at risk in the trans community’

By Josh Haggis

Jeffrey Tambor has claimed that his role in Transparent is important because “lives are at risk” in the trans community every day.

The transgender-themed comedy-drama, which returns for a second season later this year, centres on the Pfefferman family as they get to grips with the news that Mort (Tambor), the family’s husband and father, is transitioning into a woman named Maura.


In a recent interview, the actor – who won a Golden Globe in January for his role on acclaimed series – has argued that a show like Transparent is necessary in a time when trans people still experience “huge hatred” and “phobia” just for being themselves.

“I think it’s the role of a lifetime. I read it and I threw myself at them,’ he told Daily Mail Australia. “I knew they were very interested in me. What I didn’t know was that I was going to have this amazing reaction. I knew it was good, but I didn’t know that it was going to be lauded in this way. I’m very happy about that.”

‘We know that there’s huge phobia and there’s huge hatred [for the trans community]. There’s also a high suicide rate in the transgender community. And there’s also huge assaults and job loss. It’s important. Lives are at stake here,” he added.

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