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Jason Mraz struggled to come out as bisexual after seeing how LGBTQ people were harassed

He opened up about his sexuality in an interview with Billboard

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Jason Mraz struggled to come out as bisexual because he saw how gay and lesbian people were harassed.

Last year, the ‘I’m Yours’ hitmaker sent fans in a frenzy when he hinted that he was bisexual in a new poem but, in an interview with Billboard, the singer – who is married to Christina Carano – revealed he has had “experiences with men”.

In the same interview, he said his wife called it ‘two spirit’ – which is what the Native Americans call someone who can love both man and woman. 

And now, while speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the singer opened up about coming out and how he struggled while growing up in a conservative town in Virginia.

He said: “I saw how [gay and lesbian people] get harassed and I heard the language around it and that scared me because I thought ‘if I’m gay, what does that mean for me, my community, my family and career?”

“It was a struggle. I was nervous about what my family would think.”