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Jamie Dornan shot full-frontal scenes for ‘Fifty Shades Freed’, director reveals

There's some seriously explicit footage locked away in the vaults.

By Fabio Crispim

Actor Jamie Dornan shot full-frontal naked scenes for Fifty Shades Freed, the film’s director has revealed.

Dornan, who plays masochisitic billionaire Christian Grey, did indeed go all the way got naked for the final instalment in the erotic film franchise, but it tuens out the footage was (unforgiveably) left on the cutting room floor.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, director James Foley revealed that the explicit clips are “dailies,” meaning raw, unedited footage, and they never made it into the film for “dramatic reasons”. 

“There were actually scenes that we shot where it was [full-frontal nudity],” Foley admitted. “But in the final cut, I’m being totally honest, it just didn’t come off… Full frontal would have been kind of deliberate cut, to see that for no reason.

“There’s plenty of dailies where he’s on, but it just didn’t make the final cut. For dramatic reasons.” 

Meanwhile, Dornan, who briefly flashed audiences during the first film, explained that the final movie didn’t need more nudity from him.

“I feel like if it serves a story to see more, than I am all for it,” he told Entertainment Tonght.

“If I don’t think it adds anything or I don’t deem it to be necessary to move the story along, then I don’t think you need to see that part of me, or that part of Dakota [Johnson].” 

Just last month, Dornam admitted he’s “very open” to S&M, but said he’d needed expert help on the kinky side of things as he prepared to play his billionaire character. 

Fifty Shades Freed is in cinemas now.