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James Franco & Keegan Allen got ‘fully naked’ for ‘wild’ King Cobra sex scene

By Will Stroude

We’ve already seen Hollywood heartthrobs James Franco and Keegan Allen work up a sweat for Franco’s new gay porn drama King Cobra, but it seems the on-screen lovers have plenty more raunch in store for us in the film based on the controversial early career of adult star Brent Corrigan (played by Garrett Clayton).

Writer and director Justin Kelly has teased that the film includes an “insane” sex scene between Franco and Keegan, who play a pair of ruthless gay porn producers seeking to recruit Corrigan – and it seems the stars weren’t shy when it came to the filming process.

“When it came to sex scenes in the film, obviously every actor form reading the script knew what they were getting into,” Kelly told Entertainment Weekly during the film’s premiere at New York’s Tribeca Film festival earlier this month.

He continued: “We did do a pretty wild sex scene between James Franco and Keegan Allen. They’re both fully naked wearing these things called ‘cock socks.'”

“It was one of those moments where even though we all know what the movie is about and I wrote it, I still shocked myself watching and directing it. ‘Wait, this is kind of insane. We’re just actually doing this.'”

Meanwhile, former Disney star Garrett Clayton has also opened up about the movie’s sexual content, revealing one gay porn montage involved him stripping off and being manhandled by eight men on set.

“The day I found very challenging was: There’s a montage in the movie where Sean/Brent is becoming from a porn actor to a porn star,” Clayton explained.

“And I got to work one day and there was eight men sitting outside of set, and they’re like, ‘Alright these are the people that will be in the montage with you.’

“That was a very difficult day. I think just to be… manhandled by a bunch of strangers. Being touched by one stranger alone is like a lot, let alone eight. And you’re like pulling your clothes off… and you have to sell it.”

He added: “It was at the end of that day that I remember calling my mom and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.'”

Believe us when we say Garrett, we’re very glad you did.

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