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James Bond stars Daniel Craig and Rami Malek kissed on set of ‘No Time to Die’

We're listening.

By Will Stroude

Daniel Craig and Rami Malek shared a kiss on the set of upcoming Bond film No Time to Die, it has been revealed.

While the world might never see a gay 007 grace screens, it sounds like Craig is doing his best to inject some homoerotic energy into his fifth outing as the famed secret agent.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week, Malek, who’s set to play the central villain of the upcoming 25th Bond instalment, recalled how he unexpectedly locked lips with Craig during the film’s production.

“We were sitting at a table [for] hours just batting about ideas back and forth, and we finally cracked this really challenging scene, and he grabbed me and picked me up”, the Oscar-winning Bohemian Rhapsody star said.

“I can’t tell who initiated the next moment, if it was him or I, but a kiss transpired between the two of us.

“I’m going to say Daniel initiated it.”

Though Malek admitted he was “very taken aback” by the smooch with Craig, he added – somewhat understandably – that the impromptu kiss was “very much” welcomed.

The Mr Robot star recalled: “I took a moment, caught my breath, and I looked out and said, ‘So, does this make me a Bond girl?'” 

Perhaps we’ve got our gay Bond after all. Watch Rami recall the lip-locking incident on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert below: