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‘House of Cards’ didn’t know what to do after firing Kevin Spacey

Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood on the show, has recalled how no-one knew what to do following Kevin Spacey's firing.

By Fabio Crispim

House of Cards star Robin Wright has revealed that no-one knew what to do after Kevin Spacey was fired from the hit Netflix show. 

Spacey, 59, was fired from House of Cards during the filming of the show’s final season late last year following a series of sexual misconduct allegations, which began when former Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp accused the Oscar-winner of sexually assaulting him in the late ’80s when he was just 14.

The axe prompted Wright, who plays Spacey’s on-screen wife Claire Underwood, to take charge and save the show by producing one last season, Digital Spy reports. 

Wright dropped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week and recalled the aftermath of Spacey’s axe. She said: “It was a collective decision. All of us on board, all of the producers just said, ‘Yes, we need to be sensitive to the climate,’ because it was a very heightened at the time. Nobody knew what to do.

“And this is our final season, and I think we all mulled it over and said, ‘Why are we going to let down the fans, let’s finish it off the way we always intended, contractually.” 

She continued: “First and foremost, we would have put 2,500 people out of employment. And I said, ‘Let’s just go out with a bang, let’s give them an end, close out the show.'” 

The latest trailer for the upcoming season revealed that the show had killed Frank Underwood, Spacey’s character, off-screen.

House of Cards’ final season will premiere on Netflix on 2 November. Watch the teaser trailer below: