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Hollyoaks’ Duncan James: ‘Ryan and Ste could end up in bed together’

By Will Stroude

Duncan James only joined Hollyoaks as hunky new police officer Ryan Knight a couple of months back, but already the former Blue singer is fulfilling a thousand fantasies after teasing that his character could end up in bed with Kieron Rochardson’s character Ste Hay.

As the new boyfriend of Ste’s ex Amy (Ashley Slanina-Davies), viewers have seen Ryan has been involved in a bitter battle with the fan favourite character in recent weeks, with Ste even going so far as attacking him. But in a recent interview with the Daily Star, Duncan teased that all that could quickly change in the drama-filled Cheshire village.

“Me and Kieron always laugh, we’re always saying we hate each other now but we’ll probably end up getting together in some twisted gay storyline somewhere down the line,” the former Attitude cover star said.

“You never know with Hollyoaks, more crazy things have happened! Me and Kieron do laugh at that, can you imagine? We hate each other but this time next year we could be in bed together! It’d be funny.”

If by ‘funny’, you mean ‘hot in a potentially life-altering way’, we’d have to agree with you, Dunc.

The 38-year-old added that the pair’s close relationship off-screen made it difficult to film some of the pair’s more fiery scenes.

“I don’t like being horrible to Ste,” Duncan said. “I know it’s not Duncan being horrible to Kieron, it’s Ryan being horrible to Ste. I keep doing horrible things and I’m like, ‘I’m sorry Kieron!’

“I find it hard. I get on with him really, really well.”

If only Ryan and Ste could find an outlet for all that pent-up tension, eh?

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