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Hollyoaks: Duncan James’ character murdered Amy Barnes to keep gay affair a secret

By Joshua Haigh

After several months of turmoil, Hollyoaks has finally revealed the identity of Amy Barnes’ killer.

Amy Barnes was killed earlier this year, and the show revealed last night that Ryan Knight, played by Duncan James, was responsible for the murder in an attempt to keep his gay affair a secret.

It was revealed that Ryan strangled his fiancee on their wedding day after a heated argument over his affair went out of control.

The police officer was in bed with secret lover Kyle Kelly, played by Adam Rickett, when Amy confronted her fiance about the affair.


Responding to the twist, Duncan told OK! Online: “I was sad at first because I really wanted Ryan to be that good character, who really loved Amy. He desperately wanted to leave Hollyoaks and start a new life – run away from his secrets.

“He did love her but he’s secretly gay and in the closet about it, and he couldn’t bear that the secret would be out and could jeopardise his future with the woman he loved. He was irrational and just had to shut her up.”

While James may be sad about the revelation, social media users are torn over the twist. One user wrote: “Ryan killed Amy just because he didn’t want people to know he was gay #HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy”.

Another wrote: “Shooked didn’t think Ryan would ever do that to his wife”.

Other users were less than enthusiastic about the twist. One wrote: “I hope Harry and Ryan leave Hollyoaks forever so I can get selective amnesia and pretend the whole #whokilledamy storyline never happened.”

Another user was left worried that the twist would lead to Duncan James leaving the show.

“I was so annoyed when it was revealed that Ryan is the killer. Hopefully Duncan doesn’t leave the show.”

Meanwhile, if that wasn’t enough Duncan for you, check out his jaw-dropping naked Attitude shoot with his former Blue bandmates from a few years back.

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