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Hollyoaks confirms John Paul and Craig reunion

By Will Stroude

They were one of the most popular couples in Hollyoaks history, and ‘McDean’ fans finally got their wish during last night’s episode of the Channel 4 soap when it was confirmed John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) and Craig Dean (Guy Burnett) have got back together.

The star-crossed pair featured in one of the biggest gay soap storylines of the decade back in 2007 when the then-teenage friends came to terms with their feelings for one another and embarked on an angst-ridden affair behind the back of Craig’s girlfriend Sarah (Loui Batley).

After months of angst and simmering sexual tension, John Paul and Craig eventually rode off into the sunset together in back in 2008, but when James Sutton returned to Hollyoaks four years later, writers were forced to break the couple up.

A final reunion between the pair was implied when Sutton departed the show for a second time back in March, with John Paul receiving a call from Craig just as he boarded a flight bound for Singapore with his son Matthew – and the couple’s happy ending was finally confirmed during Wednesday night’s episode (November 22), DigitalSpy reports.

As Hollyoaks residents gathered to mourn the death of Craig’s mum Frankie (Helen Pearson) it was revealed that her son couldn’t attend the funeral because he was in, you guessed it, Singapore.

The subtle nod to John Paul and Craig’s love was jumped upon by fans who’ve been shipping the couple for over a decade – and was later confirmed by the official Hollyoaks Twitter account.

“This makes me much happier then it prob should!” wrote one viewer.

Another added: “I love confirmed (offscreen) endgame”.

So there you have it – John Paul and Craig, together at last. Only took us ten years to get there.

Hollyoaks continues tonight (March 9) at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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