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Heartwarming Halloween advert challenges gender stereotypes

By Joshua Haigh

A heartwarming short Halloween film challenging gender identity and stereotypes has gone viral.

The film, titled My Heroes, features a family preparing for Halloween. The children can be seen carving pumpkins with their father before the mother reveals the two costumes the children had requested; Batman and Wonder Woman.

The parents accompany their kids as they go trick or treating, watching from afar as they knock on doors while their father looks worried. When the night is over, the parents put the children to bed and we finally see which child is wearing what costume.

Produced by Landwirth Legacy Productions and written by friends Alex Day and Brian Carufe, the film was created as a speculative advert.

When asked what spurred him to create the short film, Day explained that he had been “itching” to make something and one day asked himself: “Why can’t a boy be Wonder Woman?”

Speaking to Gay Star News, Day reveals how he called his creative partner Brian Carufe and created the sweet story.

Day also stated that, despite the film resonating with the LGBT community, he hopes others will understand the message behind it, to be whoever you want to be.

“While we made the film knowing it would resonate with the LGBT community, it carries a message that’s universal, namely being comfortable and confident in every life choice regardless of the opinions of others.”

He adds: “That’s a message all brands should be able to get behind.”

You can watch the adorable film below:

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