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Gaydio presenters reflect on Jackie Collins’ final UK interview

By Nick Bond

Close to midday on Friday September 9 – just ten days before she died – Jackie Collins gave what was to be her final UK interview in her hotel suite at Grosvenor House Hotel, before flying back to LA later that day. Her interviewers? Neil and Debbie, Gaydio DJs and longtime fans who’d interviewed her several times before. We’ll let them take it from here…Neil and Debbie meet Jackie for what was to be her final UK interview.

“Just over a week ago, we went to interview one of our absolute all-time favourite people – Jackie Collins. Little did we know that she was quite so ill.

Jackie was one of the wittiest, warm and compassionate people we’ve had the fortune of interviewing – this was our fourth time with her. What happened afterwards will stay with us forever. The microphones went off and Jackie asked us all about our favourite interviews; we talked about life, her kids and we spent 20 minutes with her we’ll never forget. She was laughing and was on fine form. She didn’t have to do that and little did we know this was the last time we’d ever see her.

Jackie was always talking about her gay best friends and how much she loved her LGBT fans – as much as we adored her. A truly astonishing woman.

You are an incredible woman Jackie and will always have a very special (and camp!) place in our hearts.”

Neil & Debbie

Neil and Debbie will air the very special interview with Jackie Collins during their Gaydio show from 11am to 1pm on October 3.

The presenters during a previous chat with Jackie.


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