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Gay short film ‘Dare’ is back for a sequel with the original cast reprising their roles – Watch

'You told me to whip it out'

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

The creators of the popular LGBTQ short film Dare have announced a sequel with the original cast returning and we cannot wait.

The original 16-minute short, which was released 15 years ago, follows teenagers Ben (Adam Fleming) and Johnny (Michael Cassidy) who spend an evening together where forbidden gay love begins to emerge.

Dare was played in more than 50 film festivals and was released as the lead film on gay short DVD compilations around the world and also was a feature at Sundance Film Festival. If you haven’t seen the original film, check it out below:

And now, 15 years after the original, writer and producer David Brind and director Adam Sulky are returning to the two characters – who are played by the very same cast – for The Dare Project.

Now both in their 30s, the two men bump into each other at a part after not seeing each other since high school and their connection begins to form again and of course, they get into a pool again.

Brind told Towleroad: “Ben isn’t 17 anymore. And he’s a lot more like me now. He’s good at what he does. He’s successful in his way. He’s more confident. He’s out.

“But he’s still been unable to find intimacy in a real way. A real and constant struggle for LGBTQ people, especially in the age of Grindr (which is in the new film) and Instagram ‘influencers’ aka hot guys in underwear.

“Johnny isn’t 17 either. And he’s no longer the arrogant bad boy of high school hallways. Life has gotten more complex.

“And when Ben and Johnny meet for the first time since high school, they talk about it all. And of course, they get back in the pool…”

The Dare Project will be available to rent and buy from September 24 at

Watch the official trailer below: