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Gay love in America’s Bible Belt explored in new LGBT drama ‘Feral’ – WATCH

By Will Stroude


a brand new series that follows the lives of two gay men living in American’s bible belt got underway this week (October 6).

The show – which is now available to stream on Dekkoo, a subscription streaming service dedicated to gay men – follows the lives of Billy and Daniel, two best friends who share a scrotty bungalow in Midtown, Memphis.

The show’s creator, Morgan Fox, likened the show to HBO’s Looking, and described its characters as “kids who are left on their own, whether it’s financial whether it’s identity, or whether their lovers are deceased.

“Whatever that is, they’re left to their own devices to carve their own way. They’re ‘feral’ beings.”

Check out the trailer for Feral below:

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