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Gay drama film ‘Esteros’ is coming to DVD

By Ross Semple


is a beautiful coming of age story of two men who were best friends growing up and then reunite 10 years later in the mid twenties and realise their love for each other.

Matías and Jerónimo have known each other since childhood. Their friendship transforms the summer before starting high school, when they both experience their sexual awakening together. But soon after they are separated as Matías and his family move away.

More than ten years later, Matías returns to his old town and runs into Jerónimo who has accepted his homosexuality and lives his life as he chooses. Seeing his friend again reminds him of what they shared together when they were teenagers and gives Matías the chance to choose his real feelings rather than what he felt he had to do to please others.

Esteros is out on DVD from Matchbox Films on July 10 to celebrate Pride 2017!