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Garner on Affleck nude scene: ‘I hope they used a wide lense’

By Josh Haggis


Jennifer Garner has joked about Ben Affleck’s full-frontal nude scene in hit thriller Gone Girl.

The big screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel sees Affleck take on the role of Nick Dunne, whose wife Amy (played by Rosamund Pike) goes missing under suspicious circumstances on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary.

One scene sees Affleck strip down to his birthday suit – and Garner, who married the actor in 2005, shared her thoughts on the already infamous scene during an appearance on The Ellen Show earlier this week.

“You’re welcome,” Garner told the show’s audience, when asked about the scene. “I try to consider myself a charitable person, and I wanted to give back. I wanted to give back something to all of you.”

Ellen went on to ask Garner how Affleck broke the news to her that he would be stripping naked for the role.

“It was a discussion,” Garner replied. “He said, ‘Hey, at work today [director, David] Fincher talked me into coming out of the shower and I was like, ‘Cool, I hope he had a wide lens.’”

Affleck himself recently discussed his em>Gone Girl full-frontal scene, saying: “The penis is in there.”

Watch Garner discuss Affleck’s full-frontal scene on The Ellen Show below:

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